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Pittsburgh-Area Nursing Home Sued for Negligence Allegedly Leading to Death From Bedsores

As a Pennsylvania nursing home lawyer, I was interested to see a recent news item about a nursing home in the Pittsburgh region facing a lawsuit. According to the Altoona Mirror, the family of Alfred Pelligrino has sued the Valley View Nursing Home of Blair County, alleging Pelligrino died of complications from an improperly treated bedsore. Pelligrino suffered from Pick’s disease, a neurological disorder that eventually leads to death, but does not put sufferers at high risk for pressure sores. Nonetheless, the family alleges that Valley View, which is county-owned but run by a private contractor, failed to take steps to prevent the sores, then failed to treat them before they caused an infection that led to kidney and heart failure. They are requesting payment of the medical expenses related to Pelligrino’s illness as well as damages for his pain and suffering and their loss.

When Pelligrino entered the home in July of 2009, he was using a wheeled walker and could talk to nursing home staff. He had no skin problems at the time. The first pressure sores showed up in October of that year, and he was taken to a local hospital’s wound clinic multiple times between then and January of 2010. The family transferred him to another home, the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, in February of 2010, but the wounds did not improve. According to the lawsuit, Pelligrino’s bedsores were so deep that they needed surgery to heal. The open wounds caused an infection that triggered congestive heart failure, which in turn caused kidney failure. The family’s lawsut, filed on behalf of wife Virginia Pelligrino, charges Valley View with substandard care and failure to prevent the bedsores.

As a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, I would be interested to read more about these allegations. Because Pelligrino was relatively mobile when he entered the home, he was tagged as a low-risk patient for pressure sores. It’s possible that this lulled the home’s employees into a false sense of security. It’s also possible that he became less mobile after entering the home, due to restrictions on his movements, health deterioration or inappropriate medication — which unfortunately is not uncommon. But whatever the reason, the risk of bedsores for nursing home patients is well known, and so is the relatively simple method of preventing them. Failure to take those steps is a form of Pennsylvania nursing home abuse and neglect (as would be the inappropriate drugs). As a Philadelphia injury lawyer, I hope any allegations of this kind of impropriety come out in the trial, so western Pennsylvania families can be warned about any potential risks.

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