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Philadelphia Nursing Home Run by Repeat Offender Shut Down for Safety Reasons

Philadelphia’s local ABC affiliate, WPVI, reported recently that a West Philadelphia nursing home has been shut down for serious code violations. According to neighbors, elderly patients of the nursing home were often left on the street to fend for themselves. There have also been allegations that patients were physically abused. The State Department of Public Health removed residents and medical equipment from the nursing home after determining that the home’s condition was “an immediate and serious danger to the lives and health” of its residents. As a
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, I am saddened to hear that patients were made to live in such deplorable conditions at a time when they should have been receiving care and compassion from the staff to whom their care was entrusted.

The owner of the Adelphia Personal Care Home, Anand Mittal, and his wife were charged by the Attorney General with criminal offenses such as reckless endangerment, insurance fraud, criminal conspiracy, and allowing an unlicensed person to operate the facility’s pharmacy. Anand Mittal has already pleaded guilty to felony charges including making fraudulent claims. According to The Intelligencer News, Mittal and his wife, Kumkum Mittal, have faced such charges before in connection with the Willow Crest Manor assisted living facility they owned. A November 2009 report in The Intelligencer of Doylestown, Penn. details charges against Anand Mittal including Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, theft by deception, recklessly endangering others, conspiracy and violations of the state’s Pharmacy Act. Kumkum Mittal was charged with tampering with public records, theft by deception, recklessly endangering others and conspiracy. The facility’s former nursing director, Cynthia L. Dreifert, pled guilty to tampering with placement records there and received a sentence of one year’s probation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mittal’s history of problems does not end there. According to The Intelligencer, in October 2008, Mr. Mittal was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct for allegedly yelling at a Willow Crest Manor patient, grabbing him around the neck, and shaking him. An employee who saw it happen was so upset that she quit immediately.

While I am glad that patients who were subjected to such treatment have finally been moved to safer environments, as a
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I wonder how these patients are being provided for. They were unlikely to be in good health to begin with, and the abuse and neglect they experienced while in the Mittals’ institutions may have worsened their health considerably. In addition, terrible experiences like being left helpless on the street to fend for themselves must have taken a serious emotional toll on these patients. While those responsible for abuse may be held criminally accountable by the state, an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help victims hold their abusers accountable in civil court as well. Abusers owe a debt to those whom they have harmed as well as to society as a whole.

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