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Philadelphia Nursing Home Neglect Can Trigger Serious Health Problems

Abuse at nursing homes in Pennsylvania makes headlines, but experts and many Philadelphia nursing home negligence attorneys believe neglect at nursing homes may be an even greater problem than abuse. Nursing home patients depend on their caregivers to provide the basics in life, such as adequate food and water. When they withhold these basics, whether it’s intentional or out of negligence, patients suffer, physically and mentally, and may also develop serious health complications. And because these are the most dependent patients, they may have no way to call for help.

Like all people, nursing home patients need enough water and food that’s appropriate for their health and activity needs. Shockingly, these are some of the most commonly neglected needs in nursing homes. In particular, older people are vulnerable to dehydration because of changes in the body caused by age. It may be difficult to get patients to drink and eat enough, due to health and memory problems. Caregivers may also neglect to feed patients who are messy or difficult, or give patients food that’s wrong for their health and personal background. If caregivers don’t make that effort, however, patients can end up dehydrated and malnourished, even while they’re in an environment with supposed 24-hour care.

The health of nursing home patients can also be threatened by neglect related to cleanliness and basic health care. One of the most common forms of neglect in nursing homes in Pennsylvania is the failure to turn patients every two hours to prevent bedsores. Left untreated, bedsores can create large ulcers and invite infections. This problem can be compounded if the patient’s sheets, clothes or body aren’t getting the regular cleaning they need. And in some homes, caregivers may fail to provide the patient’s own medications, out of carelessness or because of the expense.

All of these forms of neglect can have serious, life-threatening consequences for patients’ health. If your family has been affected by this type of nursing home negligence, don’t hesitate to call the Pennsylvania nursing home neglect lawyers at Rosenbaum & Associates for a free evaluation of your case at 1-800-7-LEGAL-7, or send us an email.

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