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Philadelphia Nursing Home Incorrectly Tells Family Resident Died

Our Philadelphia nursing home neglect attorneys were very interested in a news report about an unusual form of negligence by a nursing home. According to a Jan. 19 article in the Philadelphia Daily News, a Northeast Philadelphia nursing home mistakenly told the wife and son of 81-year-old Leonard Cantz that he had died. Dolores Cantz and her son Michael began making funeral arrangements and gathering their family, only to receive another call, five hours later, saying there’d been a mistake. The nursing home staff had mixed up Cantz’s name with that of another patient, and he was very much still alive.

Leonard Cantz lives in the home because he has Alzheimer’s disease, which means he didn’t realize the home’s mistake. But the first call was very upsetting for Dolores and Michael Cantz, who first heard that an ambulance was on its way to the home. Michael Cantz took the day off work and rushed to the home, but called en route and was told that his father was already dead. Upset and grieving, they called a funeral home to make arrangements. When the funeral home’s representative arrived, he found Leonard Cantz still alive. It was only after he arrived at the nursing home that the home’s staff realized their mistake and called the family back to explain. The family was delighted to find him still alive, but upset to be launched into the grieving process by mistake.

As Pennsylvania nursing home abuse lawyers, we normally handle cases involving abuse or neglect of the patient. But this type of negligence by nursing home staff may also be actionable, especially if it causes severe loss of income, medical or funeral bills and extreme emotional distress.

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