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Pennsylvania Families Should Take Note of Serious Problems in Nursing Homes

An investigative report that found 38% of Massachusetts nursing homes had been rated “below average” got the attention of our Pennsylvania nursing home neglect attorneys. The Boston Herald’s March 7 report found dozens of problems with neglect, lack of cleanliness, and poor staff training over two years. These lapses led to patients’ deaths and nursing home staff members’ attempts to cover up their negligence. In a 2008 incident in Danvers, Massachusetts, nurses failed to do CPR on an unresponsive patient, whom a doctor pronounced dead 15 minutes later. A nurse admitted to falsifying the patient’s medical records.

In other reports, nursing home staff ignored treatment plans to keep patients from losing too much weight — a common problem in nursing homes — neglected to provide appropriate pain medication, and failed to protect patients from themselves and each other. Industry experts pinned part of the blame on low staff-to-patient ratios, leading to staffs that are too overworked to give patients the attention they need. “Most nursing homes are too understaffed to avoid harming residents,” said Janet Wells, director of public policy at the National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform. Even W. Scott Plumb of the Massachusetts Senior Care Association, which represents nursing homes, said that high staff turnover and worker shortages are continuing problems for nursing homes. These problems will only worsen as baby boomers age and nursing homes are flooded with even more patients.

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