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Pennsylvania Facility Narrowly Avoids Losing Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility

As a Philadelphia injury lawyer, I was interested to see that a nursing home in Luzerne County has kept its Medicare and Medicaid eligibility after an inspection showed improvements. The Standard Speaker of Hazelton reported Nov. 17 that Mountain City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Hazle Township will not lose its Medicare and Medicaid payments, thanks to a Nov. 15 inspection that showed improvements over an Oct. 13 inspection and survey. The inspections were undertaken by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which collects information on behalf of the federal Medicare program as well as state-administered Medicaid. Losing eligibility for the two programs would likely have been a serious financial blow for Mountain City, as well as a vote of no confidence by federal regulators.

According to the article, Department of Health inspectors found four deficiencies at the home during the Oct. 13 inspection and survey. Unfortunately, the article did not specify what those deficiencies were. However, they were apparently enough to violate Medicare and Medicaid guidelines. If allowed to continue, those violations could have eliminated Mountain City’s eligibility to receive Medicare and Medicaid funding. The Nov. 15 reinspection found the deficiencies had been fixed. A spokesperson for the home’s parent company declined to comment on the deficiencies, but Department of Health records for Mountain City show problems with overuse of psychiatric medication to control unpleasant behavior. Drugs alleged to be used incorrectly include the powerful benzodiazepine drug Ativan and the antipsychotics Abilify, Haldol and Risperdal. State inspectors said the maximum dosage of the Haldol had been exceeded without any documented reason why that was necessary.

Overuse and misuse of medication is an ongoing issue in nursing homes, and one that I take seriously as a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer. Psychiatric drugs are powerful, and they have been known to injure or even kill people when overused. There are also potential addiction issues with certain drugs, including the family of drugs to which Ativan belongs. And particularly with newer drugs that are less well tested, there can be safety issues even with normal use, never mind overdoses. Risperdal, for example, is connected with an increased risk of diabetes, and most of the drugs named above can trigger a rare but serious neurological disorder. Given these risks, they should only be used when necessary — and they should never be overprescribed or used off-label in situations where they are not well tested. Using psychiatric drugs to sedate difficult patients for staff members’ convenience is absolutely a form of Pennsylvania nursing home abuse that families should not tolerate.

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