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Nursing Home Chain Operating in Pennsylvania Settles Kickbacks Case

As Pennsylvania nursing home abuse attorneys, we are keenly aware of the dangers of overmedicating nursing home patients and we are pleased to see pharmaceutical providers and nursing home companies held accountable for it. As we noted just over a month ago, federal regulators have pursued several companies over a kickbacks scandal involving nursing home medications.

McKnight’s Long Term Care News reported on March 2 that two large, Atlanta-based nursing home companies, Sava Senior Care, which operates two Pennsylvania nursing homes, and Mariner Health Care Inc., have agreed to pay a $14 million settlement for participating in some of the same pharmacy kickbacks that recently cost Omnicare $98 million in penalties. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Omnicare, the nation’s largest specialized provider of pharmaceuticals to nursing home patients, took kickbacks for encouraging doctors to prescribe Risperdal, an anti-psychotic drug, to nursing home patients.

Commenting on the Omnicare settlement announced in November 2009, Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, pointed out that “Illegal conduct like this can… lead to patients being prescribed medications they do not need” and that such kickbacks put profits ahead of good medicine. As Philadelphia nursing home negligence attorneys, we are here to represent the victims of profit-seeking schemes such as this. Over-prescribing medication for nursing home patients costs them and their families money as well as potentially harming them physically, when many of them are already suffering from weakened health. Unnecessary side effects and interactions with other drugs are bad enough, but these patients’ dignity as human beings also suffers when they are overmedicated for the sake of nursing homes’ profits and convenience.

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